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Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Scott.

I’m a travel junkie, photoholic, and freelance writer currently based in Syracuse, New York!

For three seasons of the year, I spend my days gallivanting around upstate New York, haunting the shores of Lake Ontario, or getting lost somewhere in the Ithaca gorges and the ADK. For that other season, I spend my time bundled up inside and wondering why I live here.

I have a degree in English and Creative Writing from Huntingdon College, located in Montgomery, AL — but don’t let the piece of paper fool you. I’m all about the nonsensical literature that academics aren’t too fond of. I grew up on fairy tales, science fiction, fantasy, and all kinds of myths and folklore. It’s still what I read, and it often finds a way to work itself into the articles and short stories I write.

Since leaving Alabama, I’ve lived in most states in the Southeastern US. Those I haven’t lived in, I’ve passed through enough to be intimately familiar with their charm. I’ve also spent time in Alaska, Europe, and Canada and like to travel on the cheap when I can . . . so that I can travel more somewhere down the road.

In addition, I’m an avid photographer and worked as a professional portrait photographer for several years before switching into landscapes and written word. I never had the patience to learn to draw, so photography is my gateway to the great outdoors. You’ll rarely see me exploring without a camera in my hand.

Come find me on Instagram (below!) or, if you’re interested in working together, scroll down to find out more about the work I do and who I write for!

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I've employed my writing and editing skills for tech giants and small business alike to create SEO-ready documentation, newsletters, and marketing drip campaigns.

Articles I've written for websites like the Matador Network have received powerful, positive responses on social media, with many soaring over 1000 likes and shares.

I have a degree in English and a solid grasp of web development. I can create content to supplement your existing SEO strategy or help you build a new one.

I'm constantly reading and researching to stay up to date on the latest market trends so that content stays relevant. If we're working together, I've done my homework.

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    Tips and Tricks, Technical Breakdowns, Product Reviews, DIY

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    Tech & Futurology

    Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Next in Tech, and Ethics of Tech

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    Business & Marketing

    Targeted Campaigns, SEO, Mailers, Newsletters & Brochures

Thanks so much for considering me for your writing needs! I believe that part of the writing process involves natural curiosity and a willingness to learn new things.

That’s what led me down this path in the first place.

If you’re looking here, you’ve got a business to run — and I’m here to help with that. Whether you’re seeking original content for the web or compelling copy for a brochure, I’m happy to collaborate with you regarding next steps, best practices, and — of course — deadlines.

Send a quick message with the details and I’ll be in touch soon!