17 Mar 2018 – She Listens to the Rain

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Elizabeth heard the rain pattering on the rooftop even before she woke.  It slipped into her dreams like a whisper pressed against her ear and teased her awake with its rooftop patter.  She came awake smiling, threw open the curtain, and peered through the storm-streaked glass out across her city, where car brake lights and women bearing colorful umbrellas meandered down wet roads and narrow sidewalks.  Already, puddles had begun to form. As she climbed from her bed, Elizabeth listened for distant thunder.  None came.  This was a simple rainstorm — the best kind of weather — and the clouds … Read More

16 Mar 2018 – The Book of Dust

Scott Summers365 Stories, Magical Realism

Only three of the Great Books remain from the formation of our world:  The Book of Enlightenment, which first gave sentience to the world; The Book of Infinity, by which all of time and space are set; and The Book of Dust, which gave shape to the world, from the stars overhead to the blades of grass beneath our feet.  There were other books, of course, which covered life and death and everything in between.  Those have been lost for an eon, misplaced somewhere in the whole of the unbound universe. Charlotte found The Book of Dust, almost entirely by … Read More

15 Mar 2018 – Abasca’s Rest

Scott Summers365 Stories, Science Fiction

It was a sixteen-hour hike from the ship to Abasca’s Rest, and Kwamie hated every single step of it.  She wasn’t the only one who detested the jungle at the end of the trip, but she was the only one who truly understood what they were getting into. She’d ignored the jokes and the jabs at the amount of food she was carrying or the extra supplies she’d thought to bring.  Everyone thought this was going to be a walk in the park — but Kwamie knew better. The reality of it hit them three hours in.  They were wading … Read More

14 Mar 2018 – Strings

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Saralee belonged to the music the moment her fingers touched the strings.  I should know.  I was the one who paid the price for it in the first place. You have to understand: I don’t know anything about music.  It’s pretty enough, and I get along just fine with a radio.  But when it comes to the ins and outs of instruments, I’m as clueless as a cubicle worker trying to sort out a plumbing problem. But Saralee — she was something special.  Someone special, I should say.  My words never seem to come out right when I’m talking about … Read More

13 Mar 2018 – Persona

Scott Summers365 Stories, Science Fiction

> To Create Your Online Profile: Blink Twice The white text sat in the center of a black screen, the cursor at the end blinking patiently as it waited for an input.  Shannon glanced around the screen.  She moved her head left, then right.  The text followed, always centered precisely in the center of the screen relative to her position.  The camera behind the glass display had already scanned her retina, and the AI was smart enough to adjust for the parallax shift.  Shannon knew enough to know what was going on. But still.  It was odd, new, cutting edge.  … Read More

12 Mar 2018 – Skipper

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Mimi found Skipper hiding under a dumpster at the corner of South and Freedmont almost five years ago.  She wasn’t looking for a puppy, but that’s how it usually goes.  After she’d watched those floppy ears and oversized paws roam through her no-pets-allowed apartment, she put Skipper into a box, loaded him into the car, and took him to a shelter.  He’d make someone very happy one day. Mimi didn’t realize it would be her until she parked at the shelter and opened the back door.  Skipper was nestled into the corner of the box, looking up at her with … Read More

11 Mar 2018 – The Young Gods

Scott Summers365 Stories, 50 Word Stories, General Fiction

In those early days, we used to balance the sun on our toes and rearrange the constellations when we swept our fingers across the inky sky. We were young, then, and powerful.  Our laughs made thunder in heaven. Even the gods are children once.  Even we grow old with time.

10 Mar 2018 – The Herd

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Martin packed two PB&Js and stuffed them into a cooled lunch bag before he threw it in the bed of his pickup truck, alongside two lawn chairs and a duffle bag stuffed with fleece-lined jackets and heavy blankets. It was dark out, far too dark for any sane person to be up and moving about, but Martin figured it was better to show up a few minutes early than to end up late and miss the entire show. He jumped off the back of the pickup when everything was secure and headed back inside for the most important item of … Read More

9 Mar 2018 – Love Long Lost

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

The old church at the end of the single lane road was surrounded by Nootka lupine, the purple stalks standing waist-high and rippling in the breeze. Even at a distance, the white facade and towering steeple stood out for miles around. When Amelia saw it, she signaled once and turned the old car onto the narrow road. “You sure this is the place?” Kristen asked as Amelia pushed the accelerator. “It doesn’t look like much.” Amelia shrugged. “It matches the description in grandad’s journal.” “What do you think is it in there?” “We’ll know soon enough.” Kristen laughed. “What?” Amelia … Read More

8 Mar 2018 -Exiled

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Cynthia is in love with Marcus. She does not tell me this, but I can see it just as I can see the inevitability of their forthcoming relationship. They share their values and dreams with one another during a brief intermission between meditative silences as they sit cross-legged in the morning sun. Perhaps Cynthia wishes it were me sitting alongside her. She has asked before, but I have no need of meditation. What clears her mind clouds my thoughts with the unrelenting call of the void. My kind was not made for stillness. Nor was it made for this skin, … Read More