The Plot Don’t Matter None

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As a writer, I’ve always been interested in what happened next. So interested, in fact, that I knew — absolutely knew — that plot was the thing that all stories were built around.

Status Update #3: Can You Count to Ten

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It’s a long holiday weekend, so I’ve given myself a day or two off. Shocker, right? I realized on Saturday that it’s been almost two months since I actually put everything down and stopped trying to push my little rock up my little hill.

Fiction and the Temporal Advantage

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Let’s face it: In the face of new media, writing is a hard sell. Your words are competing with flashing lights, cool explosions, awesome sound design, compelling narratives, and the fact that reading is a more demanding hobby that most other leisure activities. And now, the Internet is basically a black hole from which no time can escape.

So what does writing have going for it?

10 Tips for Starting Your First Novel

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Getting started in fiction is a tricky thing. Creating a believable plot, lovable characters, and a realistic world is more than the sum total of life experience and hearsay. If you’ve got an idea in your head that you just need to get out, it might seem as simple as pulling out a piece of paper, calling it Page One, and starting your first chapter.

The Scoreboard: Update #1

Scott SummersStatus Updates

Have you ever been in the middle of something and decided that you should probably be keeping track of it somehow? Welcome to the life of an amateur writer, would-be novelist and (mostly) unpublished fiction author.

Breaking the Mirror: Authenticity vs. Reality in Fiction

Scott SummersOn Writing, Tips & Learns

We’re all familiar with this scene:

It’s dark. The assassin slips into the home undetected. He moves through the house without a sound. Up the stairs, past the sleeping children. He doesn’t even wake the dog. He creeps into the bedroom of Soon-To-Be-Murdered and grins. Too easy, too easy.