The Scoreboard: Update #1

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Have you ever been in the middle of something and decided that you should probably be keeping track of it somehow? Welcome to the life of an amateur writer, would-be novelist and (mostly) unpublished fiction author.

Breaking the Mirror: Authenticity vs. Reality in Fiction

Scott SummersOn Writing, Tips & Learns

We’re all familiar with this scene:

It’s dark. The assassin slips into the home undetected. He moves through the house without a sound. Up the stairs, past the sleeping children. He doesn’t even wake the dog. He creeps into the bedroom of Soon-To-Be-Murdered and grins. Too easy, too easy.

Should You Archive Everything?

Scott SummersOn Writing, Tips & Learns

I’m a bit of a hoarder.

You won’t find me keeping every piece of kitchenware I’ve ever owned or a nice tower of televisions in my home. Most material things, I don’t want to hang onto.

But words and paragraphs? Until recently, I hung onto those like a lifeline.