16 Feb 2018 – After the Flood

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

I have never found the rainy season gentle.  The rivers and streams, so peaceful throughout the year, bellow with a rage unyielding.  They swell and churn in their anger, roiling with whitecaps and rapids that can be heard across the valley.  For nearly a month each year, the rivers become a dangerous place. It is in the wake of that torrent that I find the bottle.  It sits upon the river stones, almost otherworldly in its pristine appearance.  The glass, by some miracle, has not shattered.  The cork stopper stuffed into the mouth of the glass holds fast, protecting a … Read More

14 Feb 2018 – Storybook Love

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Amber always wanted that kind of love that you see in fairytales.  You know the type: that sweep-you-off-your-feet kind of love nested in the magic of nuance and intwined by inevitability.  There would be challenges, of course — maybe an argument or two between star-crossed lovers — but in the end, destiny would win the day. Of course, she had to find her Prince Charming first, and the Valentine mixer had seemed like a great place to start.  It didn’t actually happen on Valentine’s Day.  The idea was to meet a week prior, find someone to match with, and set … Read More

13 Feb 2018 – By Starlight

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

When Jamir first turned the engine over and pulled the truck out of the driveway, he’d never known how dark that it could get.  Not like Jules.  She’d been there and back again, around the world twice with another trip planned. “Yeah, I’m thinking about hitting Eastern Europe this time, then maybe riding a train across Russia and coming down through China to Australia.” She talked about it like it was nothing, jet-setting of to some distant land with little more than a backpack, a kind word, and a dream.  For Jamir, just getting out of the city was adventure … Read More

12 Feb 2018 -Mutual Endings

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

They spent their last day together on the boardwalk, just the two of them. This was it.  Tomorrow, he was flying back to college halfway across the country.  She was staying.  She always did. A life apart was a relationship always longing and never quite fulfilling.  Neither of them wanted that.  Not for themselves.  Not for one another. It was over.  Tomorrow would be a day for new beginnings, for fresh starts, for days without each other.  A first day alone. He wrapped an arm around her, pulled her close. She let him and wondered how she would survive it.

11 Feb 2018 – Michigan Gold

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

In spite of everything, dad could never bring himself to call Saginaw home.  He married there, raised two children, and knew the city inside and out.  He was a lineman for the local power company.  That was his platform during his election campaign:  “A man who knows your side of town.” All of it was true, in fact.  He got a bird’s eye view from a bucket truck.  It wasn’t enough to get him elected, but it got our family more name recognition than any of us were really comfortable with.  Opened a lot of doors, too. None of it … Read More

10 Feb 2018 – By Sunset

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Micha knew how to get sucked into a good book.  It was one thing Maggie figured she’d done right, though it hadn’t been her purpose from the start. “No TV,” she’d decided a few weeks after he was born. “What?” her mother said.  “That’s ridiculous.  Every kid needs a TV.” “Yeah?  For what?”  She took a sip of her coffee.  Though they were seated in the dining room of her mother’s house, Maggie could hear the television blaring from the other room.  It was constant noise, constant distraction, constant hype. “Well…,” her mother trailed off as she realized the fallacy … Read More

7 Feb 2018 – Rings of Power

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

My mother kept an assortment of rings and necklaces  tucked into a jewelry armoire beside her bed.  The rings came in all shapes and colors, the necklaces in every shade of thickness.  Some carried bright jewels.  Others were simple bands of twisted or stippled metal. But to a young boy, they were the source of all the great powers of the universe.  I’d slip on ten or twelve rings at a time, my fingers far to seat them properly, and run around the house throwing imaginary fireballs and zapping ethereal wizards.  Green Lantern’s Power Ring had nothing on me.  Sauron’s … Read More

4 Feb 2018 – Zero Day

Scott Summers365 Stories, 50 Word Stories, General Fiction

If you ask any distance hiker, they’ll tell you that when it comes to hiking trails, the journey is far more important than the destination.  Most days. Some days are for sitting.  For enjoying the sunshine.  For making friends as the sun sinks beneath the trees and shadows grow long around the campfire. They’re called zero days. Clara didn’t have a word for any of that until she hit the trails for the first time.  When she found out those days had a name, she knew it was one experience she wouldn’t regret. And she was right — many times … Read More

3 Feb 2018 – Superhero, Wannabe

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Franklin always joked about being a superhero.  He had it all down: the name, the pose, even the workout.  He was a good fit for it, too, with broad shoulders that shaped his body into a hard V.  Especially after that stylist got ahold of his hair and he started walking around with that tailored, nice guy haircut.  You could almost put him on a poster, right up there with Captain America. It was hard to poke too much fun at him, though.  Franklin’s had a hard life.  I was around when his mother died and his dad committed suicide.  … Read More

31 Jan 2018 – Past Lives

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

I never knew the person my mother used to be until I found the box.  It was tucked away in the far corner of the attic, a flimsy cardboard box covered in forty years worth of dust.  I hadn’t planned to rummage through it, but after she died and the house sold, well — part of moving out is digging up old memories.  Pulling it out from the corner, I opened it without thinking and found a life’s worth of experiences nestled inside. It was a box of old Polaroids and old postcards, the edges yellowed from age and oxidation.  … Read More