7 Mar 2018 – Love at Whistler’s Rock

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Tammy was seated atop a boulder on the shore of Wharton’s Lake — where she always — when Tony spotted her from the bridge. It was a particularly foggy morning and his first homecoming trip in more than a decade, but that didn’t stop fate from pulling on his heartstrings before he even made it to the city limits. He always found Tammy by accident. It wasn’t her fault, and it certainly wasn’t his. They just . . . ended up together, one way or another. It had been a major point of contention between high school sweethearts and had … Read More

6 Mar 2018 – Like the Sun

Scott Summers365 Stories, 50 Word Stories, General Fiction

Some days, she feels like she can hang the stars from the sky.  But not most days. That sky is often obscured in a cloudless mist, a lingering oppression which smothers hope and grinds dreams to dust.  On those days, she can only endure — persist — and remind herself to breathe.

5 Mar 2018 – The Light at Sudbury Manor

Scott Summers365 Stories, Horror

If you’ve ever been around Sudbury, you’ve seen the old manor.  It’s a wooden monstrosity nestled upon a hilltop vista at the far end of the city limit, a collection of worn brick and wood with slanted roofs and slatted windows.  Certainly, it’s seen better days. Visitors come from all around the world to see it:  Sudbury Manor, home of the Mad Lord of Sudbury, who murdered his family and his servants.  Then he started burning the townsfolk until one of his own guards stabbed him through the heart with a dagger and put an end to the whole, bloody … Read More

4 Mar 2018 – Higher Powers

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

There is a spot along the northern border where the rolling hills and grasslands disintegrate to a rocky shore at the cusp of the wide ocean.  The townsfolk nearby say that God himself keeps an eye on that spot and that if you go there and you ask in earnest, your prayers will be answered. Jamie didn’t think so.  Though spirituality had never been his forte, the relationship between man and the higher powers was an internal one.  It shouldn’t have anything to do with a location.  If it did, then how were people claiming relationships with God from halfway … Read More

3 Mar 2018 – Reset

Scott Summers365 Stories, Science Fiction

Her room is a quiet place — bare and empty, like the depths of her soul.  If you know her, you understand that is not an insult.  It is simply the way things are. She pours those things out at the end of the day, those things that linger in the rest of us.  Memories, emotions, thought.  She dumps all of it into the empty air in her pursuit of solace, of peace. I have watched her do this a thousand days and pleaded with her a thousand times more.  She hears my argument, acknowledges my pain with a knowing … Read More

2 Mar 2018 – Ocean Dreamers

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

For their first date, Jason took Sarah to the edge of the world.  It seemed like an obvious choice to take an inlander to the coast, though Sarah seemed shocked by the prospect of it. “I just never thought I’d see the ocean,” she said from the passenger seat of Jason’s old Camaro as they caught a highway interchange and headed south toward the water. “Why not?” She shrugged.  “Do you ever think you’ll see Mount Everest?” “Maybe,” Jason said.  “Nothing’s really stopping me.” She gave him a look, then, batted those beautiful brown eyes in his direction.  Jason found … Read More

1 Mar 2018 – The Lightway to Al-Safar

Scott Summers365 Stories, Fantasy

There are a few deserts in the world where you can find the Guide.  He takes the shape of an older man cloaked in tattered robes, though his eyes are pale and his skin nearly translucent beneath the evening sky.  When you meet him, he will ask you to spare a coin of bronze or brass.  If you have neither, or only one of the two, he will thank you for your offering and send you on your way.  But if you carry both, those pale eyes will shine, and he will ask if you know the way to Al-Safar. … Read More

28 Feb 2018 – The Clouds of Orion

Scott Summers365 Stories, Science Fiction

Sprig was dreaming of wildflowers when the system woke him.  He stepped out of the stasis chamber, yawned, and started his patrol around the ship.  Protocol was to dress first, but there was nobody awake to see him.  The crew was still asleep and would be for years. At the main console, Sprig checked the date.  Thirty-three years, it read.  He’d been asleep for a fourth of the average lifetime. “Talk about sleeping your life away,” he muttered. Sprig yawned again.  No use fighting it.  The stasis gas wouldn’t be out of his system before he climbed back into his … Read More

27 Feb 2018 – She Dreams of the Stars

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

I am reading while my daughter watches the moonrise from our living room window.  She parts the blinds with her hand and peeks through the crack as though only she is privy to the magic of the darkening sky.  It is an endearing sight, an image that I work to carve into my mind until she settles down on the couch again and picks up her astronomy book. Already, she knows more about the celestial bodies than I do.  At five, the planets fascinate her.  A sunrise is a wonder, comets are a mystery, and though she is far too … Read More

26 Feb 2018 – Lightning John

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

If you ask anyone in Lansing Falls, they’ll say all kinds of things about Lightning John.  Things you wouldn’t believe, like how John was the devil’s own progeny, or how God had turned his back on him.  They’ll tell you how, as a teenager, John stood alone in Farmer Johansson’s field with a kite and a metal rod and shouted at heaven to strike him down. That last one might actually be true.  Even Johansson himself will attest to that. No, the incident came when John was a child.  That was before I met him, back when he still went … Read More