28 Jan 2018 – Symphony

Scott Summers365 Stories, 50 Word Stories, General Fiction

Death came on her like a crashing wave, a cacophony of sound coalesced into a bittersweet symphony.  She heard every note — every harmony, every dissonant chord — in the space of a single, fragile breath.  It rushed into her, through body and blood, and carried her soul away as it passed.

27 Jan 2018 – Emptiness

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

He’s an unassuming figure.  Casually dressed.  Glasses.  Hands in pockets.  Thoughtful smirk plastered on his face as he contemplates a greater meaning in life.  He strikes an pose when he stares out at the unknown universe and asks questions he never expects and answer to.  Looking at him, you wouldn’t know that he’s already lived through two wars — once as a victim, another as a soldier. He just doesn’t have that air about him, you know?  There no violence lingering in those fingers, no ice in that blood.  Maybe that’s more unsettling, overall.  Hard to say.  He carries a … Read More

26 Jan 2018 – The High Places

Scott Summers365 Stories, Science Fiction

We touched down in the high places, where the clouds drifted beneath us as they wrapped the fields and valleys far below in a cloak of mist.  At that point in my career, I’d seen vestiges of ruined civilizations from similar vantage points on almost every world I’d visited.  When searching for alien life, it makes sense to start at a high altitude, where the equipment can get a good scan of the surface, before moving on.  You leave a minimal trace that way, and it’s best not to disturb the locals — if there are any locals to disturb … Read More

25 Jan 2018 – Location Unknown

Scott Summers365 Stories, 50 Word Stories, General Fiction

The paved asphalt stretched before them like an unknown river bending wildly through the vast and empty wilderness.  They were miles away from home.  From friends.  From family.  It was just the two of them along on that lonely highway — and it was exactly where they were supposed to be.

24 Jan 2018 – Coffeeshop Artistry

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Sandy settled down in her usual spot beside the window.  She sat her coffee mug and saucer on the table, just off center, and tipped her spoon off to the side.  She considered it, then adjusted it slightly.  The fake tree, nestled into the corner behind her, brushed up against her shoulder as she hunched forward in the chair, then righted herself, trying to look as wistful and forlorn as possible. Maybe today, she thought. She was just resting her chin against her wrist, elbows propped against the table, when Max walked in.  He didn’t say anything to anyone on … Read More

23 Jan 2018 – Old Soul

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

I am three when I learn that birthdays make me another year older.  It is a shame, as I enjoy being four, but I am told that it is time to grow up, and growing up means having a birthday.  I am given presents to celebrate my indoctrination into the true order of things, but my mind is elsewhere.  It knows these things are lies — that presents and growing up are just the things we tell ourselves in order to cope with our own finite mortality.  How do I know this?  I am five and have not the words … Read More

22 Jan 2018 – The Storm

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

It took five hours to make the clearing.  John came out of the thicket first, swearing as he wrestled free of the thorns and thistles that had jabbed, poked, and prodded all of them for the last quarter mile.  Carrie was next, then Micah.  Micah’s pack came last, hauled out by the one remaining strap.  The other had broken off somewhere in the thicket, just ripped out from the stitching entirely. “That’s what you get for buying cheap,” John said with a laugh. “You can shut the hell up,” Carrie snapped.  “You got us into this mess in the first … Read More

21 Jan 2018 – And Then What?

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

I saw the poster on the morning after our fourth date, when I stumbled out of the bedroom to make a pot of coffee.  Aimee was still sleeping, but I knew the sound of the wood creaking beneath my feet would wake her soon enough.  The coffeemaker had just started to brew when the midmorning light led my eye to the black-framed picture of an ampersand hanging on the wall. Any other day, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it, but Aimee had a way of making people think.  She always liked to ask, “And then what?” when people … Read More

20 Jan 2018 – Getting Lost

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Aaron checked his compass when Maggie stopped for a drink.  The needle pointed southeast, a steady direction for the past hour and, from the look of the mountain ridge where they’d been walking, it seemed unlikely to change. Ahead, a vast, unchecked wilderness stretched out before them.  He was just factoring out the time they’d been away from the car when Maggie clapped a hand on his shoulder. “What are you doing?” she asked.  “Put that thing away.” “Sorry,” Aaron said.  “I just don’t want to get lost.” Maggie smiled out at the endless horizon.  “Lost?  That’s the whole point.”

19 Jan 2018 – Oldest Friend

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

People like to say that the two of us were made for one another, but I’m not sure that’s true.  Scope had lived a full life before I took him home, off doing God knows what with God knows who.  Of course, I had my fun as well, running up mountains and across rivers off into the northern wilderness.  I think Scope would’ve enjoyed that, though we’re both too old to make good progress these days. My knees aren’t what they used to be, and Scope’s hips have been worn through over a lifetime of hard work.  I say “doing … Read More