8 Jan 2018 – Viva Saigon!

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

It was nothing special.  That’s not what you’d say about my grandfather’s home — just a small cabin in the woods with little more than a bed, a bookshelf, and an old cook stove that looked like it belonged in a museum somewhere.  It was spare, but my grandfather liked it that way.  Said it reminded him of ‘Nam, and I believed him.  We both knew he’d left a piece of his soul over there. There were other things, too, but they felt misplaced.  Red drapes hung over the windows.  An old ball cap, hooked on a laundry rack above … Read More

7 Jan 2018 – Arise

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

Rodney kept a spare pack of batteries in his back pocket, a set of lithium-ions with enough juice to push 500 lumens out of the small flashlight in his hands.  Of course, he never needed that kind of power.  The standard ten-lumen setting was bright enough for him to see by as he wound his way up the trail. Hiking up the cold hills in the brisk autumn morning wasn’t everyone idea of a good time.  Rodney could understand that.  His friends always expressed interest in joining him on his early morning, but who wanted to get out of bed … Read More

6 Jan 2018 – The Gear Sculptor

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

The watches came by the truckload.  Some were cracked, others crushed, but they all ended up in boxes outside of Anderson Cordray’s shop one way or another.  It was the first day of Kendrick’s internship when they arrived, and the bewildered look on his face spoke volumes about the work he thought he’d be doing to earn his college credit. This wasn’t the kind of internship he’d been expecting.  Several of his classmates had gone to marketing and design firms, but Kendrick wanted to do something other than just fetch coffee and look at design meetings from outside conference room … Read More

5 Jan 2018 – Howling Mountain

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

If you listen for it, you can hear the old mountain howling from miles away.  A trick of the wind, they call it — as the wind slides between mountain crevasses and gullies, the stones wail like a bone flute.  At the height of winter, the mountain is a force unto itself.  Snow and biting wind roll down along the mountainside.  Only the bravest venture out to pay their respects during those lonely hours.  Some never return, but respect must be paid, all the same.  The natives say the mountain is a tomb, a place where one forgotten god smote … Read More

4 Jan 2018 – Eighty-Eight Ivories, Four Strings

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

The pianos lacked personality.  It was probably the one thing Molly hated most about them.  To her eyes, they all looked the same: a full-length ivory keyboard, backed up against brown wood.  Three brass pedals at the base, all boring.  And that was just the start.  The curves weren’t beautiful, and it wasn’t an instrument that you could carry around in your pocket.  It was a piano!  A thing that had to sit there, that you had to sit with, until you became acquainted with it. She voiced these complaints to her mother, who looked at her with a sense … Read More

3 Jan 2018 – Specter

Scott Summers365 Stories, Magical Realism

You’ll find Old Shepherd’s Road about three miles north of Jackman, Maine, a winding snake of a road that wends its way northeast through the uncharted, wild country.  It’s a summertime favorite for big game hunters, hikers, and like-minded outdoorsy types with a penchant for adventure and a mind to get lost.  The asphalt doubles back on itself, a narrow two-lane switchback where the trees hug the road so close it most places that an operational error or mechanical failure is likely to leave a driver smashed up against a wall of cedar and pine before they can correct their … Read More

2 Jan 2018 – From the Old Country

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

My grandmother kept a red hurricane lamp on her fireplace mantle until the day she died.  It was an old thing in a house full of old things, a piece of polished metal surrounded by wood-paneled walls, antique china, and furniture both too worn and too uncomfortable to sit on for any length of time.  Her home was a time capsule of a life well lived, a testament to good days long passed as she climbed into her later years.  Though she lost the ability to keep her home in order, that old lantern looked as though it had never … Read More

1 Jan 2018 – At Dawn, the Sea

Scott Summers365 Stories, General Fiction

The ocean is peaceful before dawn, a portrait of a living painting feathered through with pink and lavender pastels. Murky waves crash upon the shoreline and leave a sheen of wet sand as they receded. It glistens as it catches the sun-stroked clouds, illuminated by a light just beyond the horizon in those last, pregnant moments before sunrise. On those mornings, the beaches are empty, serene in their natural beauty and wonder. However, that tranquility is short-lived. The runners will come soon, plodding along the shore in microfiber shorts and rubber soles. The bravest run barefoot, but that is a … Read More