Destiny is Overrated

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I hate destiny. Not heroes. Not villains. Destiny. That unseen, guiding force of the universe that dictates the way of things. It’s annoying.

How Writing is Like the Ship of Theseus

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Here’s a question for you: If you have a ship, and you replace everything about that ship (planks, nails, canvas, oars, etc.) is it still the same ship? Likewise, if you have an idea, and you replace everything about that idea . . . is it the same idea?

Hyperspace: The Fastest Magic of Them All

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When you think about the word, space, what comes to mind? For me, it’s the inky blackness that our planet moves through every hour and second. (If that’s a little dramatic, bear with me.) Space is big. Really big. So big we had to invent a word for all that empty space. And somehow, in the middle of all that emptiness, science fiction capitalizes on stories about interstellar travel and galactic intrigue while everyone back on Earth stays more or less the same as when our heroes left. (Not possible, due to time dilation. Thanks, relativity!) Which leads all science … Read More

Fiction and the Temporal Advantage

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Let’s face it: In the face of new media, writing is a hard sell. Your words are competing with flashing lights, cool explosions, awesome sound design, compelling narratives, and the fact that reading is a more demanding hobby that most other leisure activities. And now, the Internet is basically a black hole from which no time can escape.

So what does writing have going for it?

Breaking the Mirror: Authenticity vs. Reality in Fiction

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We’re all familiar with this scene:

It’s dark. The assassin slips into the home undetected. He moves through the house without a sound. Up the stairs, past the sleeping children. He doesn’t even wake the dog. He creeps into the bedroom of Soon-To-Be-Murdered and grins. Too easy, too easy.

Should You Archive Everything?

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I’m a bit of a hoarder.

You won’t find me keeping every piece of kitchenware I’ve ever owned or a nice tower of televisions in my home. Most material things, I don’t want to hang onto.

But words and paragraphs? Until recently, I hung onto those like a lifeline.