Status Update #11: External Support Required

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It finally happened!  I’ve gotten all the beta reading done and all suggestions corrected for Second Genesis!  This is as close to publication as this book has ever been.  The next stage of the process is to find an editor and get the manuscript over to someone who can look at it with fresh eyes.

I’m learning quite a bit about the type of editing options I have available to me, and it’s pretty clear which one I need.  (I’ll hash some of these options out for writers in a later blog post.)  Now the challenge is finding someone whose editorial style matches what I’m looking for in an editor — and to make sure that I’m not jumping in with someone who might not be as great of an editor as they say they are.

If you’ve been following along, you might be asking yourself:  Why not edit your own stuff?

The honest answer:  I have.  I’ve edited and rewritten this book to the point where I’ve made it the best I possibly can.  However, it’s still my work.  I’m still too close to it, and I’ll always have issues seeing problems in stuff I wrote.  My weakness is the dreaded double double word.  I just can’t see them, for some reason.  Word usually catches them, but fresh eyes will stand a better chance that I ever will.

Also, it’s worth noting:  All writers should have their work reviewed by a third-party editor.  It helps to clean up the manuscript in ways that the manuscript owner just can’t do for themselves.  It takes a village, in that respect.

In the meantime, I’m working on some pretty big projects that will go live at the start of 2018, but I can’t really talk about them too much right now.  Because of this, I'm relaxing my update and post schedule a little bit.  But don't worry, that's only because there's quite a bit more content in the pipe to supplement that.

Stay tuned!

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