Status Update #13: Drafting, Always Drafting

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Novel Draft: Book 2
31,000 words

It’s been a while since the last update, and I’ve been moving right along on the sequel to Second Genesis.  But wait, you might say:  “Where is the first one?”

It’s pretty much ready to go.  I’m still working through a few edits, and I still need to have everything formatted.  But, overall, the majority of the work is done, done, done!  However, I want to make sure that everything is ready for release before I actually drop that novel (and its sequels) onto the market.  I’m looking at a May / June publishing date, which should give me enough time to write and edit the second novel AND the third.

In the meantime, I learning about marketing, mailing lists, and what to do after release.  It’s been kind of an eye opening experience for me, these last few weeks, to learn more of the marketing side of the self-publishing space.  I’m probably going to make a TON of mistakes, especially as I start out, but there’s really no other way to learn, right?

So, here we are.

I finished up the opening act third of the draft today.  I’m sitting at about 30,000 words with a target of 130,000.  These books are longer than your average books, but I think that’ll be fine upon release.  The stories read well and run the full length of the narrative.  Even if they run a few thousand words short, each book will be larger than average for a science fiction piece.

It’s been exactly two weeks since I started this draft.  So that’s about 15k words per week, though I’ll need a few days here and there to go back and correct stuff.  If I’m calculating correctly, I’ll get to the end of this draft around the end of February, into early March.  I might have to step on the gas a little bit to accelerate that timeline, but we’ll have to see.  I write faster through the middle of the story, anyway.  It’s getting started that’s the hard part.

Anyway, more updates to come.  Stay tuned!

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