Status Update #4: Going for Broke

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Just a quick end-of-day update. I’m coming up on the end of the revision and editing process for my novel, SECOND GENESIS.

This is it, folks. The end the last major read-through and edit before I start searching for beta-readers for the finishing strokes. I’ve got less than 100 pages (double-spaced!) left to sort through. In the past week, I’ve edited close to 45k words.

In other news, I got two new rejections this week. Those pieces should be back in rotation in a few days. Right now, though, I’m 100% focused on wrapping up this read-through and closing this block of work out.

It’s kind of frustrating to watch the work backlog itself because I’m refusing to deal with it (creating my own problem), but at the same time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s looking pretty good.

As for the novel, you might remember from last week what the journey looks like for me:

  • Finish the final draft. (In progress!)
  • Find a few “fresh eyes” beta readers.
  • Hire and editor to help with final corrections.
  • Find an artist for the cover.
  • Figure out publication and deployment strategies.
  • Publish the book.
  • Publicize the hell out of it.

No major changes this week on the scoreboard. Aside from the rejections, I haven’t really hit on anything big.

Soon, though. Very soon.