Status Update #5: Hitting the Snag

Scott SummersStatus Updates

Writing tends to have more than a few up and down moments, but few illustrate this point better than my progress between this week and last week. You may recall, during the last week, I was planning to edit through the remaining chapters and get the final read-through and edit of this novel wrapped up so that I could move onto my next big step in the project.

And then Chapter 23 happened.

I think it’s a bad sign that I kept feeling like reading through it was a slog. My theory is that if I’m getting distracted and don’t want to read something that I wrote, how / why would I expect others to read it? That was the case with Chapter 23, and as I pushed through it just hoping that things would get better, the issues and errors with it just started to pile one.

Because it’s so late in the novel, Chapter 23 is one of those places where a mountain of backstory and buildup come right to a head, and it doesn’t feel like it’s executed properly. This has lead to a backward spiral of rewriting that feels somewhat endless. While I’m halfway convinced that I’ve set my finish date back literal weeks, I’m resolved to taking my time and polishing this piece into something that people can enjoy.

If it takes a little longer to do that, or a little more writing than necessary, so be it. ┬áSo we’re still in the same place this week, if not a little farther back from where I originally thought:

  • Finish the final draft. (In progress!)
  • Find a few “fresh eyes” beta readers.
  • Hire an editor to help with final corrections.
  • Find an artist for the cover.
  • Figure out publication and deployment strategies.
  • Publish the book.
  • Publicize the hell out of it.

That being said, I now have a list of changes that I want to make and a bit of rewriting that (I believe) will make the piece stronger overall. It’s time to break out the elbow grease and start polishing away.

But I won’t lie: It’s frustrating as hell to see the light at the end of the tunnel and think it’s the end only to find out that it’s the headlight of an oncoming train.