Status Update #6: The Finish Line?

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Novels Written

Great news!  The novel is . . . done?  After taking the better part of a week to sort through all the problems that I made for myself in the revision process, I finally found a way to sort almost everything out without having to go through another rewrite.  That’s actually super-important because I honestly didn’t know if I had it in me to tear everything down and start over again.  After 3+ years working on this novel in my spare time, it’s time to get this thing out the door and move onto newer projects.

In this perspective, it’s still frustrating because I know that I could make it better if I wrote it over again.  In the time since I started on this project, I’ve grown tremendously as a writer.  Working on this novel has been like someone with twenty years of experience going back and trying to correct a painting they made when they only had five years of experience without repainting the whole thing. Sure, they can do touchups and paint over some of the inconsistencies, but they can’t drastically improve it without repainting the whole thing from scratch.

As much of a labor of love that this novel has been for me, I know that it’s not a bad story, is quite publishable . . . and I know that it’s time move on.

But honestly?  Part of me wants to grab it, delete it, and start all over again.  I just can’t do it anymore without getting to abusive relationship levels of editing.  So, here’s where we’re at:

  • Finish the final draft. (In progress!)
  • Find a few “fresh eyes” beta readers.
  • Make any final corrections based on beta reader feedback. (Waiting for feedback!)
  • Hire an editor to help with final corrections.
  • Find an artist for the cover.
  • Figure out publication and deployment strategies.
  • Publish the book.
  • Publicize the hell out of it.

I’ve also been revising a novella-length short story I wrote.  I’ll finish that in a few days and use that to establish an Amazon presence.  I figured that it’s easier to figure out the formatting and publication strategies with a small piece right up front instead of a ridiculously long piece.

I’m nearing the end of the stockpile of pieces that I’ve had collecting dust on my computer.  Soon, very soon, it’ll be time to write something new.

And that’s very exciting.