Status Update #7: Shackles and Novellas and Twitter! Oh, My!

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Busy week, last week.  Let’s recap some of the major accomplishments and see what needs to get done this week.

In the last week, I finished a rewrite / revision on The Dragon’s Emissary, a novella that I want to publish while I’m getting my book in order. This a shorter piece, which requires less revision (about 25k words).  It’ll help me gain a better understanding of the self-publishing process works so that I’ll know what to do when it’s time to get the book released.  From a knowledge perspective, I’ll ideally learn more about the formatting requirements and any other curveballs before I put my novel up for grabs.

In other news, Shackles, a flash fiction piece I wrote for Trembling with Fear, went live on the Horror Tree website yesterday.  Be sure to give it a read when you get the opportunity.  It’s about 1000 words, so it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and it’s a nice little horror story to get you in the Halloween spirit.  I’ve also got a link up on the stories page for it.

Currently, I’m shopping ten pieces around to various markets.  Thanks to my awesome spreadsheet powers, I’m able to keep track of them all.  This part of publishing (the part I dislike), is like juggling cats.  Get a rejection, send a piece back out, update the spreadsheets.  Yada, yada, yada.  It’s all paperwork these days.  Hopefully I’ll get a few takers on some more pieces coming down the line.  I’m hopeful.

Thus far, the plan for my novel, Second Genesis, hasn’t changed:

  • Finish the final draft. (In progress!)
  • Find a few “fresh eyes” beta readers.
  • Make any final corrections based on beta reader feedback. (Waiting for feedback!)
  • Hire an editor to help with final corrections.
  • Find an artist for the cover.
  • Figure out publication and deployment strategies.
  • Publish the book.
  • Publicize the hell out of it.

The Dragon’s Emissary will follow the exact same path (and, coincidentally, they’re both in the same place on the list), so I’ll get to see if I need to add any more steps before it’s all said and done.

Other news:  I’m now on Twitter (though still trying to figure it out).  Go find me if you haven’t already.  If you’re a writer and currently participating in #Booktober, let me know you’re playing along!

Happy Monday!

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