Status Update #8: The Long Haul

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Monday. It’s that magical time once again where I try to plan out my week.

This last week has been particularly tough because I’ve been more focused on the social network aspects of writing (which I’m not great at) than actually writing or planning out new work. That puts me at a disadvantage this week, as I don’t have anything ready to go on the page, and I need to be producing new work to compensate for the work that’s getting published.

Speaking of, be sure to check out my new publication in Antimatter Magazine, entitled Our Most Valuable Asset.

Antimatter is a neat little publication that uses modern-day science topics and scales them up toward science fiction. I knew I wanted to publish with them the second I discovered them because that’s how I plan most of my science fiction work. I look around at modern day problems and think, “Okay, what’s the technological solution and what happens if we multiply by a factor of ten?”

It leads to some pretty interesting thought experiments and, hopefully, some good stories.

While I’m waiting on novel feedback (still waiting!), my goal this week is to create some new flash pieces and maybe a short story. The rest of my time is likely going to be spent plotting and networking so that I don’t hit major gaps like this going forward. I’ve got a couple of good ideas that I’d like to bring to the fore, but it’s going to take a little bit of work to get them here.

Thus far, the plan for my novel, Second Genesis, and novella, The Dragon’s Emissary, haven’t changed:

  • Finish the final draft.
  • Find a few “fresh eyes” beta readers.
  • Make any final corrections based on beta reader feedback. (Waiting for feedback!)
  • Hire an editor to help with final corrections.
  • Find an artist for the cover.
  • Figure out publication and deployment strategies.
  • Publish the book.
  • Publicize the hell out of it.

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