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Sales Collateral

Great copywriting is as much about purpose as it is about words.  I'll partner with you to generate content designed to covert prospects into paying clients.

SEO Strategy

Making it to the first page of the search engine isn't magic. From keyword research to a backlinking strategy, we can work together to drive organic traffic to your website.

Editing & Revision

From a simple proofread to a full-scale developmental edit, a second set of eyes on your manuscript or website can make the difference between the first and final draft.


Nervous about writing? Can't find the time? Just because you're not a writer doesn't mean your ideas shouldn't be read. I can help you get there, no attribution required.

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  • How a Website Copywriter Influences the Customer Journey

    If you’re running a business, you’ve probably heard that your website is your digital storefront. Often, your website is the first step in the customer journey and the first point of contact a customer will have with you. According to a report from Episerver, 92% of first-time website visitors aren’t …[Read More » ]
  • The Three Types of Editing and When You Should Use Them

    If you’re not a natural writer or someone familiar with the writing process, you may not realize that there are different types of editing available to you, depending on your needs. That can be a huge problem, especially since editors are the unsung heroes of the writing world. A great …[Read More » ]
  • When Should You Hire a Freelancer?

    Small business owners wear a lot of hats.   That’s probably why a lot of small business owners average 52 hours a week, according to a 2005 Gallup Poll.  There’s always something to do, and it’s always important. Who knew you’d need to be a designer, account manager, recruiter, copywriter, …[Read More » ]
  • 5 Types of Writing Your Business Needs

    For a lot of small business owners, “writing” tends to be a catch-all term.   Everyone understands that it’s important, but it can be hard to tell what types of writing are out there and which ones are best suited to your business needs. When everything from product to presentation …[Read More » ]
  • What Your About Me Page Should Really Say

    When setting up a basic website, you probably have a good idea of how to fill out the majority of your web pages.  The contact, blog, and product pages are pretty straightforward. The home page summarizes everything you do. And then, there’s the “About Me” page. A lot of small …[Read More » ]
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Testimonials & Reviews

Scott was great to work with and the quality of his writing met all of my expectations.

It was well-researched and right on topic. He was quick and communicative with his work and would recommend him to others looking for a writer.

- Sarah H.

Scott is one of the best writers and content creators I have ever worked with.

Every article he has worked with me on has been published in major publications. Scott is also always ahead of schedule on creating content which leaves plenty of time for me to review.

Scott is awesome.

-Brian G.

Scott provided us good suggestions with our start up website.

He was always prompt and clear in his communication. We would highly likely hire him again for our content writing needs.

Thanks Scott! Was lovely working with you.

-Megha B.

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