I’m a copywriter and SEO strategist helping innovative brands build more effective content.

About Scott

Marc “Scott” Summers is a copywriter and SEO strategist helping brands grow through powerful storytelling and smart content strategies.

You’ll often find him collaborating closely with C-suite executives and organizational stakeholders to refine brand messaging.  He also generates content designed to help a company deliver a better experience to its customers.


Then to Now

Scott wasn’t always a copywriter, but he’s always been an avid reader.  He holds a degree in English and creative writing, but he had no idea how to use it after graduating.  Instead, he pursued a career as a photographer.  Self-taught, Scott learned everything there was to know about digital imaging and ran a portrait studio for a number of years before leaving photography behind for greener pastures with Apple Inc.

Over a six-year stint with Apple, Scott learned everything he could about tech, sales, and business operations.  He worked closely with small business and enterprise sales teams to better understand B2B environments.  During his time with Apple, Scott noticed one thing:  Every business had a unique an interesting story to tell, but sometimes they had trouble getting the words right.

In 2017, Scott struck out on his own as a freelance copywriter and quickly turned his focus toward helping brands refine their messaging and improve their written outreach.  Whether he’s writing pages for a website or a case study for a client, Scott helps brands design and create effective content for the right audience.

Powerful stories — beautifully told — to the right people.  That’s the essence of good storytelling.

Scott has worked for a number of recognizable brands, fresh startups, and entrepreneurs.  He’s always looking for a new and exciting story to tell.  If you’ve got a brand you’d like to share with the world, get in touch.

You’ll find Scott at his desk Monday to Friday, US Eastern Time.  When he’s not working, he’s probably training his dog or tending to his bonsai trees while listening to an audiobook or a podcast.