How to Create a Target Persona for Your Business

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If you’ve never heard of a target persona (also called a buyer persona), you’re missing out on a key tool to help you improve your sales cycle and digital marketing strategy. In short: a target persona is a fictional representation of your ideal buyer. It’s your target user: the customer … Read More

7 Steps to a Great Topic Outline

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Creating a solid topic outline can be difficult, even if you’re familiar with the writing process. There’s a reason for that. Topic outlines ask you to put a finer point on your ideas. That can be tough, especially if you find writing difficult. Even so, strong writing skills are something … Read More

Do You Need to Hire a Ghostwriter?

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Is it time to hire a ghostwriter? It’s a question that small business owners often consider while they’re in the process of creating or expanding their marketing strategy, especially while building a content-based lineup around their customer journey. When it comes to pages and pages of written content, having a … Read More

How to Use Story Angles to Transform Your Content

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You’ve encountered story angles before, but you might not know it if you haven’t been looking for them. When done correctly, story angles are almost invisible. Writing with angles isn’t something you’ll often see in discussions around business writing. It’s a journalism term — sometimes referred to as a personal angle, … Read More

Evergreen Content and YOU [INFOGRAPHIC]

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When you’re trying to build out effective content strategy, determining whether you need evergreen content or timely content can make a big difference in how your blog develops. Both timely and evergreen content have their place in your content lineup and inside your sales funnel. One isn’t particularly better than … Read More

5 Blog Ideas for New Brands

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If you’re a new brand and new to blogging, generating relevant blog ideas can be tricky. It’s easy for small companies and solopreneurs to feel overwhelmed by the idea that they’ll be devoting several hours per week to written content. When you consider that about 40% of bloggers post one … Read More

How to Use Your Brand Story to Win New Business

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What’s your brand story? It might sound like a tricky question, especially if you’ve never really thought about it or you don’t consider yourself much of a storyteller. But here’s the truth: We’re all storytellers and everyone — including your customers — loves a good story. That’s because storytelling is … Read More

How Great Writing Empowers Your Sales Funnel

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If you’ve done any kind of sales or marketing in the past, you’ve probably seen a sales funnel before. They’re a great visual representation of how generic traffic and potential prospects graduate from leads to customers as their relationship with your brand evolves. If you’re not familiar with how sales … Read More