A title card which says, "Mastering the Expert Interview."

Mastering the Expert Interview

No matter where you are in your content marketing strategy, expert interviews are a great way to add new flavor to your blog posts, content campaigns, and social media. However, interviewing experts can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. What should you say? How should you act? What should you do? Here are…

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A title card reading, "How to Create a Persona for Customer Marketing"

How to Create a Persona for Customer Marketing

If you’ve ever attempted to implement a customer marketing strategy on a digital platform, you know how easy it is to spend hours selecting target keywords, selecting demographic and/or geographic tickboxes, and filling out a customer profile. Without saying it directly, every major digital advertising platform is trying to get you to answer one question:…

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A title card displaying the words, "What To Do When Creating a Target Persona"

What You Need to Know When Creating a Target Persona

Recently, we talked about why buyer personas are so important to your marketing efforts. You can sum the majority of it up into one basic fact: A good target persona improves the customer buying experience. And that’s super-important, especially in today’s market. According to a study by Salesforce, around 67% of customers say that their…

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A title card which displays the text "5 Reasons Why Buyer Personas Matter"

5 Reasons Why Buyer Personas Matter

If you’ve ever done any kind of advertising or marketing, you’ve probably heard of a buyer persona. These fictional customer profiles use realistic demographic information to help you isolate and speak to potential customers. In the right hands, they can be a powerful part of your marketing strategy. Just one problem: Creating a buyer persona…

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How to Create a Target Persona for Your Business

If you’ve never heard of a target persona (also called a buyer persona), you’re missing out on a key tool to help you improve your sales cycle and digital marketing strategy. In short: a target persona is a fictional representation of your ideal buyer. It’s your target user: the customer that you’re actively trying to…

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A title card which reads, "How To Use Story Angles To Transform Your Content"

How to Use Story Angles to Transform Your Content

You’ve encountered story angles before, but you might not know it if you haven’t been looking for them. When done correctly, story angles are almost invisible. Writing with angles isn’t something you’ll often see in discussions around business writing. It’s a journalism term — sometimes referred to as a personal angle, or a media angle. In…

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Evergreen Content and YOU [INFOGRAPHIC]

When you’re trying to build out an effective content strategy, determining whether you need evergreen content or timely content can make a big difference in how your blog develops. Both timely and evergreen content have their place in your content lineup and inside your sales funnel. One isn’t particularly better than the other, but the…

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A title card for the article "How to Use Your Brand Story to Win New Business"

How to Use Your Brand Story to Win New Business

What’s your brand story? It might sound like a tricky question, especially if you’ve never really thought about it or you don’t consider yourself much of a storyteller. But here’s the truth: We’re all storytellers and everyone — including your customers — loves a good story. That’s because storytelling is part of our DNA. Folklore…

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A title card reading, "How Great Writing Empowers Your Sales Funnel"

How Great Writing Empowers Your Sales Funnel

If you’ve done any kind of sales or marketing in the past, you’ve probably seen a sales funnel before. They’re a great visual representation of how generic traffic and potential prospects graduate from leads to customers as their relationship with your brand evolves. If you’re not familiar with how sales funnel marketing works, let’s recap…

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A title card which reads, "How a Website Copywriter Influences the Customer Journey"

How a Website Copywriter Influences the Customer Journey

If you’re running a business, you’ve probably heard that your website is your digital storefront. Often, your website is the first step in the customer journey and the first point of contact a customer will have with you. According to a report from Episerver, 92% of first-time website visitors aren’t there to make a purchase.…

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