How to Use Your Brand Story to Win New Business

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What’s your brand story? It might sound like a tricky question, especially if you’ve never really thought about it or you don’t consider yourself much of a storyteller. But here’s the truth: We’re all storytellers and everyone — including your customers — loves a good story. That’s because storytelling is part of our DNA. Folklore has been with our species since our earliest days, long before humans ever wrote anything down. And today, whether you’re watching a sci-fi movie or listening to a dinner table narrative about a bad day at work, you’re still learning and explaining through the art … Read More

How Great Writing Empowers Your Sales Funnel

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If you’ve done any kind of sales or marketing in the past, you’ve probably seen a sales funnel before. They’re a great visual representation of how generic traffic and potential prospects graduate from leads to customers as their relationship with your brand evolves. If you’re not familiar with how sales funnel marketing works, let’s recap it quickly. Here’s a traditional funnel: Your own marketing funnel might be a little different from what I’ve posted here — some are longer or have more steps. Basically, more people engage with your brand at the top of the funnel — often through ads … Read More

How a Website Copywriter Influences the Customer Journey

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If you’re running a business, you’ve probably heard that your website is your digital storefront. Often, your website is the first step in the customer journey and the first point of contact a customer will have with you. According to a report from Episerver, 92% of first-time website visitors aren’t there to make a purchase. They’re just looking around and trying to figure you out. That’s why presenting a great website is one of the most important things you can do to win business. But having a fancy website is about more than good design. It’s about great writing that … Read More