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Finding the right freelance copywriter for your business can be hard. If you’re still searching for that perfect fit, I completely understand.

To help you make a better determination before you reach out, here are a few questions that clients often ask me before we start working together. Of course, I’m always open to additional questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do as a freelance copywriter?

I help brands grow their business through powerful storytelling and smart content strategy.

Sometimes, that means writing content for their blog or website. Other times, it means conducting interviews for a case study or writing a resume. Everything I do, from keyword research to the final draft, is designed to help my clients (that’s you) better communicate their value to their customers.

Every brand and every business has a story. As a freelance copywriter, I’m here to help that story resonate with the right people at the right place — and at the right time.

What’s your process and how do you work?

My process depends on the type of work that I’m doing. Because I have a background in SEO and marketing, the first thing I want to do is get a high-level view of the work that my clients are looking for.

The onboarding process can take a few hours, especially since I’m coming in from the outside but, as a freelance copywriter, I actually see this as a huge advantage.

How often do you get feedback from someone who has no bias of your marketing and content strategy and who can give you prompt and actionable feedback based on those initial first impressions? 

From there, I scale everything down to a smaller level. I ask questions about products and processes. I ask about motivations and long term goals. Once I have a good understanding of the organization, I learn the technical specifics around the scope of work and start writing content.

Is this your full-time job?

Yes. I’m a full-time freelance copywriter. 

This is a question I get most often from clients who have had a bad experience on a freelancing platform, like Upwork or, because they can’t seem to get ahold of their freelancer when they need to.

I operate Monday through Friday in US Eastern Time and am available throughout the week.

I’m working on client projects most of the time, so an impromptu phone call might go unanswered (I schedule in advance for most calls), but a quick email usually gets a quick reply.

What's your rate per hour/word?

I almost always charge by the project. 

On the very, very rare occasion (usually for specialized and indefinite work) I’ll charge by the hour.  The cost here varies based on the nature of the job. 

Since this only happens occasionally, the nature of the work has to be outside of the normal scope of work that I take on. 

Usually, this involves some kind of consulting or training work and doesn’t involve writing in any way.

I never charge per word.

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