About the client

Brandlive is an enterprise-level livestreaming video platform designed to connect brands and retailers with their ideal audience.  Internally, this tool can be used for live training, town halls, and other corporate events.  Externally, Brandlive’s niche falls into content marketing and direct brand-to-customer interaction.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS), Brandlive delivers a streaming video platform that enables companies to connect physical products with digital audiences.

I was hired to help Brandlive write a handful of articles for their blog and LinkedIn audiences.

Brandlive Homepage

Blogging for Business

As far as assignments go, this one was pretty cut and dried:  Write a few blog articles for Brandlive’s business audience.  My role here was made even simpler because the client knew what she wanted and was happy to collaborate with me throughout the production process.

After reviewing the requested documentation and gathering answers to a few questions regarding the approach and execution, I set to work.

I specialize in B2B marketing, and I work regularly with C-suite executives and other decision makers, so I had a good handle on audience expectations and Brandlive’s business casual writing style before I took the job.  Though I still researched the brand to make sure I fully understood the capabilities of their software, very little additional research needed to be done.

I wrote the articles to the specifications, keeping SEO in mind and applying keywords and best practices appropriately, and submitted the articles — along with all SEO-relevant metadata — for review.

The content was received and went through a single round of very light feedback before it was scheduled for publication on the client’s end.

Shared. Ranked. Delivered.

When you’ve got a client who understands the ins and outs of content marketing in the way that Brandlive does, there’s not a ton of work to be done.

They’re excellent clients, and they know what they’re doing.

Though it took a few days for Google to index the content and begin to show results, we saw a quick climb in the rankings on competitive keywords and topics, outranking Forbes and other authority websites in search results.  We even managed to snag a featured snippet for one of the articles I wrote (see the middle section of the results image below for a good look)!

Mission accomplished.

Brand authority done right.