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About the client

Langly LLC is a prosumer camera brand offering mid-to-high grade camera bags and equipment for professional, often nomadic, photographers.  With the brand and vision positioned at the intersection of digital imagery and long-term travel, Langly needs copy which instills a spirit of adventure while offering a solution to photographers who often find themselves far off the beaten path.

I was hired by the founder and CEO to write a few content articles for the blog.  This dovetailed into a technical website audit for on- and off-page SEO, as well as product copy for the brand’s flagship bags and products.


A Little More Than a Blog Post

I initially came on board with Langly Co as a content writer.

The owner wanted to jumpstart his blog content so that he could drive traffic through content marketing. We defined the scope of work and the ideal length of the blog posts, then I created a list of ideas for him to pick from. When he selected one from the list, I wrote the article, optimized it for search engines, and helped him post it to his blog.

While doing so, I noticed something critical: The main navigation pages — the pages that customers often used to browse through Langly’s product offering and online content — were in complete disarray. Users wouldn’t even look at his content, and some potential customers even abandoned the site before reaching the product pages because of how difficult it was to navigate the website.

A look through Google Analytics and a few website tools designed to track user navigation patterns confirmed this, so I conducted a technical audit for entire site, which involved a complete overhaul of the blog navigation page, a simplified navigation menu, and the elimination of some unsecured scripts on the web page.

By the time we were done, the blog navigation page transformed into what you’ll see below (simpler and cleaner), and the navigation paths for users became much more direct.

From there, I worked to create compelling website copy for Langly’s flagship bags and products before closing out the job.

Growing an Adventure Brand

Creating product copy for the Langly camera bags took the most time due to the constraints of the website product platform. I needed to ensure that the key features of each bag stood out while also providing product descriptions that placed urgency around a sense of adventure.

I came up with the format you’ll see in the images below. A couple of short paragraphs describing the rugged features of the bag and a small info section with bolded fonts around highlighted features.

Between the SEO boost we received from the newly-optimized pages, a Forbes feature, and new clarity around the product, sales shot through the roof!

Results: Better, Faster, Stronger

While Langly received a short-term boost from the content marketing and the Forbes feature, the company will benefit from the SEO work and website design feedback I provided for years to come.

It’s true that SEO standards evolve and, eventually, a new set of web standards or a change in search engine rules will require Langly to make some changes.

With hard-hitting product copy, a streamlined website, and a few content articles (written by me) ranking in the top spots on Google search results, the company has everything it needs to build an even stronger brand.

Your brand story — expertly told. Are you ready?