about the client

Gift Card Offer Wall (GCOW) is a service developer kit (SDK) which allows app developers to monetize their app by using gift card bonuses to incentivize in-app purchases.  When a user wants to make an in-app purchase, they’re prompted to buy a gift card along with their purchase which can be redeemed for products with a major brand.  The brand partner and the developer both take a cut, and the user wins twice by receiving their in-app purchase and a gift card for the major brand of their choice.

I was hired to help GCOW clarify its branding and messaging by providing content for its website and LinkedIn page.

Scope of Work

Copy for Developers, Not Users

When building a website, it’s very easy to forget your target audience.  In GCOW’s case, the audience isn’t the end-user — the customer who would ultimately utilize the app that the developer created.

Instead, it’s the developer creating the app.

The development team and I went back and forth on how technical the language should be.   We wanted the copy to make sense to a wide audience but also contain enough technical information that someone with enough skill to design an app would understand exactly how it could help them.

Staying Out of the Weeds

Ultimately, GCOW’s end goal is to be a turnkey solution that works seamlessly with any app that connects with it.  This became the primary reason that we decided to keep the copy brief and stay away from heavily-technical details.

While GCOW does provide technical and implementation documentation behind the registration screen, I ultimately focused on benefits-based language to convert readers and rank in search engines.  The end result amounts to limited snippets of text in tight spaces which was optimized around some innovative design ideas from the web development team.

Beyond the Website

A Practical Approach

I believe in practicality when it comes to implementation and copy.  With GCOW, I took this approach to create their LinkedIn page.

Because the copy we’d written for the website was so tight and so well-refined, it didn’t make sense to rewrite the entire idea from scratch.  For companies who want to keep their brand image consistent across the web, this is usually the case.  Instead of a rewrite, I introduced the idea of a standardized company boilerplate and reformatted the website copy to fit the bill.

Though I needed to cut out and revise some of the minor text snippets from the main website, I was able to incorporate most of this into the LinkedIn copy through slight turns of phrase.  Where that didn’t work, it made more sense to cut rather than trying to wedge it into the middle of the text.

Using this approach, GCOW now has a body of text that they can quickly apply to new social media profiles and first-contact sales collateral which explains, briefly, what they do and why they do it.

The Results

Climbing the Rankings

The copy written for GCOW was specifically designed to climb in the ranks.  When speaking with the development team, I learned that gift card transactions are a $7 billion industry on their own.

What GCOW ultimately wanted to do was marry in-app purchases with the gift card industry, giving app developers a chance to take part in a huge market.  I wrote the copy with this goal in mind and centered much of the language around monetizing apps with gift cards.

It didn’t take long for search engines to pick up what GCOW was all about before it started serving top-ranking spots to the website.

Get the right words for your audience.