about the client

Live Run Travel (LRT) is a lifestyle brand focused on helping runners travel to and enjoy new and interesting places.  The operational philosophy is simple:  Runners might like to travel for marathons, but they never have the opportunity to actually have a vacation while they’re on the road.  They’re too busy prepping for the race, making sure that all of their race details are in order, or rushing from one place to another before (and after) the marathon.

LRT takes this burden off of traveling marathoners by offering tour packages centered in the area where the marathon takes place.  Booking with LRT means that runners get to enjoy their vacation, see the sights, and still run a marathon-length race.

I partnered with the owner of LRT just after the website launched to generate content for their newly-minted blog.

Building Useful Content


When you’re just getting your website off the ground, there’s one important thing to know about SEO:  It doesn’t matter.

Because of the way search engines determine how to serve content, a brand new website will never reach the top of the search rankings.  At least, not at first. 

When I came onboard with LRT, they were so new that traditional content marketing tactics and techniques wouldn’t work.  Instead, I suggested we focus on something else entirely: Building authoritative content for customers.

What does authoritative content look like to a new brand?  It could be anything from tips and tricks to event recaps and news updates — anything that gives new customers some idea that you (or your brand) know what you’re doing and that you have something of value to offer.

With LRT I created a marathon checklist, a few blog articles centered around tips for marathoners, and a recap of their latest successful tour (at the time): The Lisbon Half Marathon. 

With the recap, I included a step-by-step rundown of the entire tour — before, during, and after — so that customers considering LRT as a potential travel guide could see firsthand how the experience went and what to expect.

These pieces of content might feel insignificant when you’re just starting out, but having something that you can link customers to when they have questions or objections is extremely powerful.

Owning the Space

The other blogs I wrote for LRT centered around tips and tricks for runners. 

The first piece I did also talked about Lisbon and talked about the best places to run when visiting Lisbon on vacation.  This was important to LRT’s future business plans since they were planning to return to Lisbon in the fall for the Lisbon Marathon (the upgrade to the Lisbon Half).  Providing content which spoke about Lisbon directly helped LRT establish authority in the niche and drive tour sales.

The second piece was more general and provided tips for marathoners based on how ultramarathoners prep for longer runs.  Again, this all came down to establishing expertise and ownership in the running space. 

The audience LRT wanted to build was runners who might eventually want to purchase their products.  Producing content targeted toward runners helps LRT gain a foothold in the travel space and establishes the brand as an expert in both running and travel, a strategy they’ve continued since we parted ways.

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