about the client

PandaDoc is a document creation and automation software designed to help businesses create, deliver, and manage essential business-related documentation.

PandaDoc users can create quotes, proposals, contracts, and other forms of sales collateral either by uploading their own documents or using the built-in document editor to create content from scratch.

I was hired to help PandaDoc compete in this highly-competitive field by conducting research on opposing brands and positioning PandaDoc as an alternative (better) solution. Additionally, I’ve worked with the marketing team to write templates for the PandaDoc template library, and have written web pages positioning the brand to a specific, targeted markets.

Writing to Rank

Though I was brought on as a copywriter for PandaDoc, from the beginning of my time with them, I was writing to rank in search engines.

There are dozens of document solutions out there that compete with PandaDoc.  Some only offer a portion of what PandaDoc offers, while others are hyperspecialized in a niche market like contract management or the HR lifecycle.

Though the PandaDoc team found their ideal targets, part of my role as a copywriter was to conduct research on opposing brands and write a page that suggested alternative solutions for dissatisfied users who might be searching for a better product.

I used one of the existing PandaDoc pages as a template and used keyword tools to gather a list of targeted search engine terms for each page.  Then I used that information and keyword data to create a document that positioned PandaDoc as an excellent alternative solution to a user’s existing software tools.

Search engines picked up on that quickly and began serving top spots to PandaDoc pages on our targeted keywords.  The project was a success!

Adding Value

PandaDoc provides a variety of robust tools for business owners.  Having seen a ton of document creation and management solutions out there, I can safely say that PandaDoc provides an environment that is both unique and innovative in the market.

But the company doesn’t stop by providing a powerful document editor to customers.  PandaDoc also provides 400+ templates for customers who need documentation but aren’t sure where to start.

For small businesses that need to build documents fast, this can be a godsend.  Each template in the PandaDoc library adds value to the platform by providing customers with solutions that can be retrofitted to match their needs.

I partnered with PandaDoc to write a variety of templates for the PandaDoc library.  Some, like the HVAC Proposal Template, were styled for a specific market.  Others, like general contracting agreements and generic sales proposals, were more agnostic.

All documents I provided were designed to rank in search engines, building on the company’s capacity to catch customers through organic search traffic.

Defining the Solution

When PandaDoc wanted to target customers within a specific market, they asked me to create solutions-based pages for their website.

These pages required research into industry verticals, as well as the software serving those businesses, while I tried to find a way to leverage PandaDoc as a viable solution for customers within that market.

In some cases, the market was too specialized for PandaDoc to compete, and the marketing team agreed with my assessment (saving them from paying for nonessential pages which would neither convert customers nor drive traffic).

When we found an industry where PandaDoc was a viable competitor, I utilized the features provided by PandaDoc — including the editor features and any specialized templates — to create pages targeting a specific set of customers and showing them how PandaDoc could be used to replace their existing solution.

These pages have ranked well in search results and consistently drive new, qualified traffic to PandaDoc.

Align your brand.  Build your business.