about the client

SiteOwl is a project management platform for security integrators and security system owners.

At its core, security integration is a reseller- and service-based business.  Integration companies work with customers to design a security system around their unique building floorplans.  Once approved, the integrator team buys the equipment from the manufacturer, installs it at the customer’s location, and hands the entire system over to the customer’s team, who needs to manage and maintain dozens (sometimes thousands) of security devices by themselves — forever.

If that sounds incredibly complicated and painful on both ends, that’s because it is.

I was hired to help SiteOwl build a website explaining their product to industry professionals and have played a critical role in their content creation, marketing, and outreach efforts.

Getting the Details Right

While I do have a background in tech, I don’t have a background in security, so coming on board with SiteOwl was an opportunity for me to learn the ins and outs of a new market vertical.

SiteOwl’s CEO is a seasoned security integrator who knows the market very well, and I leveraged his knowledge heavily in order to create the website copy as it exists today.

While the initial project came together, I worked directly with the CEO and his immediate team to hammer out the finer details of SiteOwl’s product offering. I wanted to know what made SiteOwl unique and how the platform could bring clarity to a complicated market.

Once I understood the nuances of the product and what the company wanted to achieve, I created a draft of the website based on the CEO’s specifications and worked with the website development team (a third-party agency) to match the website copy to the design specifications.

Today, SiteOwl’s website speaks clearly to multiple customer audiences and serves as a gateway for prospective integrators and system owners who need a tool to manage security systems more effectively.

Creating Collateral

After SiteOwl officially launched its business, I shifted priorities from website copy to marketing and continued working with the organization. 

Collaborating with the marketing manager and her design team, I built brochures, case studies, video scripts, and other forms of sales and marketing collateral that the team could use during sales calls. 

Some of this content was freely released on the website while more valuable pieces were used as lead magnets to prompt mailing list signup and customer information capture.

Reaching Out

Early-stage startups don’t have the luxury of waiting for customers to come to them, and SiteOwl was no exception. 

In tandem with creating sales and marketing collateral, I worked with SiteOwl to write press releases, generate social media posts, and create a number of email campaigns. 

Since starting their outreach with email, SiteOwl has enjoyed higher-than-average open rates (30% to 50%) for their emails and has seen success with other monitored metrics, like email link clicks and customer replies.

SiteOwl has a small library of written content that can be used to leverage sales and earn business, and I’m thrilled to have been a part of such a successful project.

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