The Place Where the Trees Sing

There is a place I know of.  A quiet place.  Full of life and luster and all the things worth longing for.  In the early morning, the fog rolls across dew-dipped conifers like hair curled through a comb.  The branches whisper and whistle as fresh sunlight tickles the trees with tales of its adventures on the far side of the world. I tried to listen to those stories once, seated beside a smoldering fire with little more than a tent and the contents of a rucksack to my name, but to no avail.  Perhaps it is not the way of … Read More

Our Most Valuable Asset

The HR manager’s strawberry hair reminds me of my second wife. She slides the last page of the employment offer toward me from across the fiberglass table. “Mr. Kilroy, go ahead and sign where indicated.” I do. I’d be crazy not to. Studio 4D is the electronics firm of the future. Everyone knows this. “Great, now sit tight! The nurse will be in shortly with your chip.” She leaves the room and closes the door behind her. I wait. I’ve never been microchipped before, though this is standard practice for most of the Fortune 500. I wonder if the injection … Read More

The Suit

Eric Ward was never the same man when he put on the suit. It was a three-piece, black pinstripe with a notched lapel. A silk kerchief, deep crimson, sat Presidential in the jacket pocket with a tie to match. The Homberg on his head carried the proper tilt. He never checked the mirror. It just felt right. This was a suit for winners. A deal closer. That’s what his father would have said: a suit you wear when you want to Get Things Done. Today was that day. At the door, Eric retrieved his briefcase: a standard, black attaché with … Read More